Byse Family Farm

Healthy Food, Healthy Living

Third-Generation Farm Blending all natural techniques with technology.

A lot has changed since the fields were planted with asparagus. Today we are working on bringing back the original hand picked, all natural farming techniques, proper crop rotation, and limited chemical usage to bring some of the best produce to your table. To do this in an economical way, we are actively developing our own smart technology to monitor and assist with the farm chores.

Working Together As a Community Sponsored Agriculture (CSA) farm.

As we begin the third chapter in this farm's life, we are devoted to bringing our customers the best vegetables and eggs possible through a CSA program that keeps costs down and makes it as easy as possible to have something fresh on the table throughout our growing season. While we currently are not accepting new customers for this season, click here for more information and to be added to our wait list for next year.

New for 2018: Vegetable Starts! Tomato and Pepper starts in 3" pots, available starting in April.

Let's Face It... It's all for the chickens.

Well, maybe it’s not all for the chickens, but we do put a lot of work into making sure our flock is as happy and healthy as they can be while they free-range through fields planted just for them. While we continue to work on completely automating our coop, you can check out a live feed here.